Cataviña Crags – Baja, Mexico

On the road, one must have a keen gauge on when its time to lock in and log the miles, and when it is time to pull over to give the legs a shake.  As we neared the small town of Cataviña toward the middle of the Baja Peninsula it was ready time for the later.

Cataviña is a small town located at least 100 kilometers in either direction from nearly as small towns.  To some the surrounding landscape might seem outer worldly by some accounts but to us it has a familiar flavor.  The bleached, piled granite domes interspersed by hostile but beautiful vegetation describes Joshua Tree, California to a tee.  With that, as the thought process went through our minds…there must be climbing.

I had heard tales of routes in the area but that access and finding them often proved a challenge.  After Christmas morning we hid the Land Cruiser behind an enormous, 30+ foot tall Cardon Cactus and set out on foot in search of climbable crags.  Within the hour and at least ten cactus jabs later we had found three bolted routes looking down on the desert floor.  The rock wasn’t polished but the holds were there.  The kicker was that the wind was blowing with such as gale ferocity that the climbing felt like we were high in the alpine versus mere meters above the desert floor.

Success!  Legs shaken out…forearms pumped out and our minds recharged again for the road.


One response to “Cataviña Crags – Baja, Mexico

  1. Hi Guys, I could leave comments throughout your journey, but I will simply pick this one. It is a joy and privilege to join you on your adventure. All the best as you share what will undoubtedly be one of the best years of your life. God Speed and continue to touch everyone lives where ever you are guided to GO. Blessings, John Hoyt

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