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Living life to the fullest is about more than just collecting a pay check and cashing in on two weeks of vacay a year. It’s about finding a way to do what you love, as often as possible. Understanding that life is short and in the end it’s not about what you have, but who you have and what you’ve done. It’s about being in the business of making memories. Our friends at KAVU get it, in fact they live it, and that is exactly why we are stoked to partner with them to be the official apparel sponsor of Off-Belay Americas. The fact they make rad apparel is a huge bonus too!

KAVU has been making high-quality lifestyle and adventure clothing for over 20 years. Founded in our hometown of Seattle, WA – their ethos is exactly in line with what we stand for. Some call it taking life by the horns, we call it Off-Belay, KAVU calls it Busy Livin’ – no matter what you label it, the message stands – get out there enjoy life to the fullest!

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