Life Off-Belay

Belay : verb – fix (a running rope) around a cleat, pin, rock, or other object, to secure it.

A rope and harness are essential pieces of equipment for any climber on a belay team.  They offer assurance and security while crossing glaciers or when scaling a sheer face.  Comparisons are often drawn between climbing and the journey we all embark on in life.  There are peaks, valleys, treacherous crevasses and points at which the hand holds just seem to run out.  One day we asked ourselves if this life journey we are on is at its fullest when navigated “on-belay.”  Honestly…it’s an answer we don’t have but it’s a question that we’re dying to ask.

Over the past two years we’ve had the ability to see one side of the equation.  We enjoyed established corporate careers where we were comfortable, insured and safe.  It’s now time to give the debate a fair shake and dive head first into the flip side of the conversation.  Through this next year on the road we’re taking this rope team off-belay to embrace a life of adventure and meaningful relationships along the way.

~The Bowlin Brothers

The Tooth 3 (edit)

Descending The Tooth – Central Cascades

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