Nemo Alti Storm 3P


Base Camp on Mt Baker
Photographer – Ben Neilson

Nemo Alti Storm 3P –

Initial impressions:
In mid-April 2013 I was casually looking for a 4 season tent and this guy popped up on SteepAndCheap for $365 or so. After a frantic 8 minutes reviewing the stats and making a west to east coast phone call in order to consult my brother, a purchase was made. I entered my account password in and finalized the purchase with 90 seconds to spare before the deal expired. Then, as always, I experienced the post-purchase emotion. Post-purchase there is always some sort of satisfaction, hesitation, disappointment but rarely indifference. I left this particular purchase feeling optimistic – with two suspicions: one, that the tent will be large and two, the tent will be equally heavy. Both proved to be true.

I threw the Alti Storm up in my apartment upon receiving it in the mail. It barely fit in our living room because of the size of the footprint. Turns out the tent can take 3 guys my size, 6’5” 210lbs, with 16-18 inches of room for packs at the foot of the tent. That’s some serious real estate. I can also kneel and comfortably navigate the tent with sufficient head clearance. Interior features that are both noticed and appreciated include: pockets running the bottom 10” of the side walls nearly all the way around, 6 ceiling tabs to tie headlamps, clothes and a dry line, etc. to, double zipping doors, a respectable vestibule under the rain-fly on both sides, exterior facing windows to check weather/sun position. So far I have slept in it six nights, but the plan is to put 20+ on it this summer and who knows, maybe 180 in our journey through South America? Stay tuned for how this 12lb. behemoth does above 15,000’, on the beaches in Costa Rica, on the slopes of the Andes and more.

7/16/2013 – Hauled the tent up to high camp on Mt. Baker’s Easton Glacier. Slept 3 big guys comfortably and held heat well on the snow. Tent didn’t get any lighter, but we knew that. So far no complaints.

7/30/2013 – Took the tent up to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier – again slept 3, no problems, easy set-up and tear-down. All signs are pointing to this tent being a good purchase.

5/1/2014 – After covering 11 countries moving south on the Pan-American Highway the Nemo Tent is still going strong.  In Ecuador we managed a comfortable night with four people pitched inside of a Incan ruin.  It rained half the night and our packs stayed completely dry underneath the generous porticos.

Photo Credit -  James Wadkins

Incan Ruins near Cuenca, Ecuador (Photo Credit – James Wadkins)



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