It’s a Vuarnet Day today!

Before Julbo glacier glasses and Oakley goggles owned the modern era the classic look of Vuarnet glasses dominated the ski slopes and icy mountain faces.  Imported from France, the frames gained notoriety when Jean Vuarnet won the 1960 Olympic downhill at Squaw Valley.    From there the brand ascended to dominance both on and off the slopes as the sponsor of the 1984 Summer Olympics in LA.  The quality of the product became so widespread that radio weatherman would commonly announce a sunny day by saying, “It sure looks like a Vuarnet Day today!”  Classic in look and top rate in optics these glasses have protected my eyes high up on glaciers and have helped polish off my suit on the summertime streets of Manhattan.  Long story short, it always feels like a Vuarnet Day when I have these glasses on my face.


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