Bon Voyage


The preparations have been finalized and it’s time to commit to a life off-belay.  Today the manual choke was pulled, the ignition turned and Beckey our reliable Land Cruiser growled at us full of life reassuring that there was no turning back.

A wise individual recently shared that, “a smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor.”  Plan as we might the trials that lie ahead and the manner in which we respond are what will galvanize this adventure in our minds forever.

Write to us, call us and visit if you can.  We saved you a seat in the car and a spot at the campfire.

Life is about the do and the who.  Seeking purpose and adventure at every turn while sharing strength with those who walk along side.  We’re now fully exposed to these words as their essence molds into action, taking us off-belay and on our way.



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